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Applied Course

Name of the course       


Varmological Basis of Medical Practice

Course  Duration             


18 Months (36 Days)

Syllabus                               :



v   Systematic Therapy

v   Disorders - Disease of the  Soft Tissues

v   Disease of the Nervous System

v   Disease of the Loco Motor Muscles  Bones &Joints

v   Disease of the  Respiratory System

v   Disorder of the Gastro

v   Intestinal System

v   Hepatic , Biliery,  Splenic & Pancrease Disorder

v   Ear, Nose, Throat Disorders

v   Endocrine Disorders

v   Cardio Vascular Disorders

v   Blood Disorders

v   Genito  Urinary Disorders

v   Disorders of Woman

v   Skin, Disorders

v   Psychiatric Disorders

v   Acute Disorders

v   Emergency Measures