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Abdomenal Depression (Mantham)

1. Veliparuthi (Dalmia Extella) juic.15 drops to be mixed witone teaspoon fulof castor oiand can be givein thmorning.

2. Nochi (Viltex nigunku)Nun(Morindtinctora) Poduthalai (Leppia Nodiflora) is taken in equal part(5gms.) and 60 m1of water anreduce 15 mlbboiling can be given in onteaspoon full dose three times a day.
3. Take 50 mlof water add 2 gmsof perumgayam (Ferula asafoetidaand dissolve itAdminister 3 teaspoon full of solution with 5 drops ooma thanner (distilled from carum rox burghianum) two times a day.

Anuria. (Neer Adaippu)

Grind cucumber (vellarikkai) seeds in tender coconut waterThree doses daily shall be given-1 teaspoon with 100-ml. coconut water.

1.      Grind margosa leaf (veppilai) and turmeric (Manjal) into paste and apply externally.
2.      Grind banana flower into a paste and apply externally.
3.      Rub the seed of date fruit (perichampazha kottaiwith a few drops of water on cleasurface.
Apply thpaste oboilnear the eye oon eyelids (stye).


Take Kothamalli vitha(Coriandeseeds) 10 gms. Chandanam (Sandalwood Powder) 10 gmsNelliVatral (Drform of Indian Goose berry) 10 gmsAdd sufficient quantitof wateand boiled reduced onefourth.
Dose: Onoztwice daily.

 Bronchial Asthma-( Iraippu – Erumal)
(a) Keep 100 gmsof wheat in a mud pot, pour VEL ERUKKUNPAL (Milk of Clotrpin gigantiea- White) and leave for a day and dry the same on next daythen fry and powdered it, administer a pinch from this, rolling with this in a betal leaf. No diet restriction.
(b) Combine 2 Nanjaruppan (Tyolophore Indica leaf and two numbers of milagu (Pepper) and a piece of Chukku (Dry ginger) to be taken in the morning along with milk.
(c) Dried Oomathai flower (Datura alba) and make it as a cigar then Smoke.

Burning – Sensation in – Soles

Grind henna leaves (Marudhani) with thjuicobottle gourd (surakkai) or limejuice and apply on soles.

Buring sensation of the Eyes

(a) Grind Maruthondri leaf (Lawsonia alba) and bandage it in thfoot.
Ithis is done during small poinfection the ailment will not affect the eyes.

(b)   Add breast milk with castor oil and instill two drops in the eyes.

Blood pressure 
(a) Sarbhagandha choorna(thpowder forof Roulphia serpentina) of 500 mg. tbe taken two times aday.
(b) Avarai Pinju (Dolichos Lablab) can be taken as a diet.

Burning micturition

Take Nenmjil (small Caltropal10 gms. Neermulli (Hygrophillspinosa) 10 gmsSurai Vithu (Seedof bottle-Gurd) 10 gms. and powdered thecoarsely and boiled wit250 mlof water reduced l/4.
Dose6mltwice daily.

Burns anScalds

1.      Drop limewater in continuous Dhar(Stream) over the area.

2. Drop juicof screw pine leaves (thazambu) in continuoustrea(Dhara) ovethe area.

Bites and stings

Dog Bite. Grind bark and root of Sage leaved Alangium (Angolpattai) and takabougramseverday for 40 days with milk.
Cat Bite. Rub antlers odeer ithe juice of Acalyphherb (kuppaimeni) and applit over the bite.
2Rub asafoetid(perungayam) in Eclipta herb (karisalanganni) juice
      and applat thsitothbite.
Rat Bite. - Tak5-10 gmsodrumstick bark with cow'milfor three days in empty stomach in the morningTake salt fredietpreferablrice with milk.
Scorpion Sting. – 1. Pastotender leaves of pungai imixewith buttermilk and poured in astreaat the spot obite.
2.  Use solution ocommon salt aeye-drop.

3. Sprinkle turmeric powder on cinders and fumigatthe stung site.

Spider Sting. - Grind leaves of sacred basil with fresh turmeric and applothe sitand also give internally.
Centipede Sting. - Mix some lime with saliva and apply externally.
LizarBite. - Grind equal quantity oindigo root(Avuri) and Indian Sarasaparilla (nannari) Mix with juicof fresh turmeric and takinternally. Each 5 grams with 1 teaspoon juice.


(a) Soak ten gms. Of dried Drakshai (Grapes) in water for some time and crush the Drakshai and take it at bed time.

(b) Take five-numbers of Seemai Athippazham (Country fig) at bed tiple.

(c) Take papaya fruit either with food or separatel(except pregnant ladies).

(d).Soak 5 gms of Nilavarai leaves (Indian senna leaves) in 12m1owater for sometimes, and make itadecoction (30 mI.and filter it and takit at bed time.

 (e)Takcastor (amanakku) root decoction "with cow's milk and sugar in the morning in empty stomach-Each 50 ml.

 (f). Grind castor root with some butter into fine pasteApply a little on the tongue of infants to relieve constipation-1 gram.


Take one bit copper sulphate and rub on thcomthere will be a bleeding.
To arrest the bleeding apply turmeric powder.

1Take the decoction of Adathodroots with some honey and powder of lonpepper-50 mlwith 3 gramsand one teaspoon honey.
2Ginger juice with honey is also a good remedy-Halteaspoon with one teaspoon honey.
3. Take about 250 mg. of chebulic myrobalan (Kadukkai) powder with some honey oequal quantity ofliquoricroot powder (Athimadhuram). It cures cough with inflamethroat.
4Leucus Leaf (tumbai) juice with honey is useful in whooping cough half teaspoonful with half-teaspoon honey.


(a) Takthree leaves of Adathodai (ADATHODA V ASICA) cut them into small piecesand put thpiecesinto vesseladd two teaspoon fulof honey and frthcontent until sompleasant smell comes. At that stage add the followincoarsely powdered Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice) 2 gms.Thippli (Piper longum) 1 gm.Thalisapathri (Flucourticalaphracta) 1/gm.Chitharatha(galanga thlesser) 1/gm.then add 1/2 litre ofwater and boilreducto 60 ml.

Dose: 30 ml. two times a day.

(b) Take 250 mlowaterAdd thfollowindrugsAdathodai leaves (AdathodVasica) three numbers,Kandankathiri leaves (Solanum Xanthocarpum) five numbersThulasi (holbasil) leaves five numbers Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum) leaves ten numbers and gms. of Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice ) after roughlypowderinthem boil and reduce into 60 ml.
Dose: 30 ml. two times a day with honey.

(c) 10gms. of the root of Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum)grind with Cow's milk and to be taken in the morning.

(d) Adathodai leaves juice 60 ml(ADATHODA V ASICA), Finely powdered Milagu (pepper) 6 gms. Perungayam (asafoetida) 1 gm. mixed all and take in the morning and evening.

(e) For Chronic coughit will give relief when 2 gmsof chooranam (powder) which is made out of equal quantitof Kadlikkai (Chebulic myrobolanInk nut) and "Thippli(Piper longum) is administered in honey twice daily.

Diarrhoea during dentition

Two teaspoon full of grape juice to be administered twice a day


(aGrind Kattu Seeragam (Vemonnia anthermintica) with lime juice and apply on the head).

(b) Take equal quantities of Kichilli Kizhangu (curcuma Zedoaria) manippungan Kai (seeds of sepaidus trifoliates) and Kasthuri Manjal (Curcumaromatica) grinds with water and supply on thhead and takbath.

Dry Cough

Keep a piece of Athimathuram (Indian Liquorice) and two numbers of Milagu (Pepper) in the mouth and swallow the saliva.


(a) One Mangoosthan (Mango stain) fruit can be taken twice a day.

(b) Powdered the dried mango nut.
Dose: One teaspoonful with Buttermilk two times a day.

(c) Powder of Vetpalai seeds (Wrightiatimctoria).
Dose: One Teaspoonful with honey two times a day.

(d) Powdered the kadukkai thole (Rind of the Terminatia Chebula).
Dose: Two gms. with honey.

(e) Mathulampazhthole (rind of the Pomegranate) 10 gms.
Mangoosthan Pazha thole (rind of the Garcinia mango~than lOgms.
Lavangam (clove) 4 gms.
Kasakasa  (opium poppy seeds) one teaspoonful.
Powder the above drugs coarsely and boil with the 250mlof water and reduce to half and filter.
Dose: 30 mltwo times a day.

(/) Extract milk from half of a coconut, and mix 10 gms, of Kasukkatti (catechu) and administer two times a day.


1Take the pulp oBael fruit (bilva) along with some sugar to relieve Diarrhoeas accompanied by stomach ache-3 grams.

2. Mix equal volumes of yellow wood sorrel leaf (puliyarai) Juice and butter milk and boilAdd 3 gms of Ajowan (omam) powderIt cures diarrheas and dysentery-2 teaspoon.

3. Take powdered nut gall (masikkai) and mix with some honey 1 gramThree dosewill cure diarrhoes and dysenterin children.

4TakNutme(Jadikkai) and tender mango leaveiequal parts by weight and makdecoctionThis is to be given with hone2 teaspoon.

5. Powder onut grass tubers (korai Kizhangu) and Aswagand tubers (amukina kizhangu) in equal quantitis given with honey-l teaspoon.

6Long pepper (arisitippili) ground with milk is to be given for three days to treat chronic dysentery-2 grams.

Ear Ache

1Boil drum stick barjuicwitgingelly oil and allow to, cool when tolerably warm-Use as ear drops (4 drops).

2Take yellowed leaves of Mudar (Erukkilai) and grinwith ghee warm it ansqueeze the warm juicinto theear(4 drops)

Emaciation and Weakness

Take 10 grams powdeoAswagant roots with some milk and sugar or with gingelloilRegular in take willremove fatigue and weakness and it is aanabolic.

Epileptic fits.

1Juicof Vaccopa herb (brammi ilai saru) along with somhoney should be taken in epileptic fits-2teaspoons wittea spoon honey.

2Powder of sweet flag rhizome (Vasambu) with honey is alsa good remedy. Cow's milk with cooked rice shall be given durintreatment-3 grams and 1-teaspoon honey.

Emesis (Vomiting)

1Takpowdered coriande(daniya) ocardamom (elakkai) with tender coconut water-2 grams.

2. Give some quantity of coriander powder with ricwashed water and sugar candy to cure morning sickness-5 grams in 50 ml.

Excess Heat

(aTakThazhampoo (Pandanus adoratissimus) 1 add 12 litrof water and reduc60 mlbboiling and give it twice da(or) this may be administereiManappagu (syrup) form.

(b) Palm Jaggery 10 gmsand Seerakam (Cumin seeds) 10 grns boil this in a tumbleof water.
Dose: ½ oz. to 1 oz. two times a day.


For ordinarfever and intermittent fever the followindecoction may be administered:

Take Nilavembu (Chiratta) leaves 15 gms. add 40 mlowater boil and reducto 50mland filter.
Dose: 50ml. 2 times or 3 times a day.

If fever is accompanied with body10 gms. of Arathai (Galangthe lesser)gmoMILAGU (pepper) and 2 gms. of CHUKK(DrGinger) may be added for the above preparation. But thquantitof water to beincreased proportionately.

If cough ipresent with fever 15 gmsof Adathodai Leaves (ADATHODA VASICA) may be added with thepreparation.

Fever with thirst

Boil 5 gms. of alpagoda pazham (Prunus communis) in 480 m1owaterreduce to quarterfilter and administered with sugarquantity sufficient at bed time .It acts as Laxative also

Fissure in the foot
Applthmilkjuice from thArasamaram (Peepul tree) on the fissures regularly.

Flatulance due to in-digestion

(a) Omam (Carcum Copticum) 35gms. Milgu (pepper) 35 gms. and fried. combine this with palm jaggery and grind.
Dose: Betal nut size, morning and evening.

(b) Poondu (Garlic) Milagu (Pepper) Karisalai leaf (Eclipta Alba) in equal parts. Grind and administer twice daily in betal nut size.


1Give powder of carbonized peacock feathers (Mayil iragu) with some honeyHiccup will stop immediately,One gram with 1-teaspoon honey.

2. Liquorice powder and long pepper powder in equal amount given with sugar will relieve hiccup-Each three grams.

Hair Tonic

Take Nellikai (Indian goose berry) juice 2 litres: Buffalo's milk2 litresand gingelly oil I litreboil up to thaila bagaand filter itapplto the hair daily.

Head Ache

1. Grind cleaning nut (tetrankotai) in egg albumin and apply externally.

2. Boiemblic myrobalan (nellikai) in milkgrind with some ghee.
Apply externally.

3. For running nose, head-ache, boil Nochi leaves (vitex nigunku) in the water and place red hot brick on it.The vapour is inhaled by covering the body with a blanket.

4. Juice of Thumbai flower (Leucus) 2 drops may be instilled in nostrils. which will produce sneezingafter which head-ache (due to cold) will be relieved.

5. Produce smoke by putting Omam (Carun copticum) Milagu (Pepper) Poondu thole (rind of the galic) in fire and in hale the same.

Inflammation of Buccal cavity

(a) ½ to 1 teaspoonful of Manathakkali (Solanun-rubrum) juice can be given twicday.

(b) Athipal (Milky juice of country fig) may also be used.


Equal quantitothe whole plants oKeezha Nell(phyllanthuniruri)and Karisalankanni (EcliptAlba) to be grindeand mixewith goat's milk. Dose: 5 to 10 gmsTwice dailwith buttermilk.
Note. - Salt free diet.


(aAsok Patta(SaracIndica) 2gmsis addewith 200 m1of water and reduce to 60 m1bboiling.

(bAvaram patta(Barof the cassia aruiculata) 20 gmsmay also bused as above.

(c)Give fenugreek seeds (vendayam) cooked ithjuice or decoction of asparagus (Thanneer Vittan) roots orin milk-2 teaspoon with 100 ml.


(a) Mix Kollu (Horse-gram) with watein thproportion of 1:10 boiand reduced.
Dose: 30 ml. two times a day.


(a) Slightly friekatta-manakku (Jairopha Carcus) leaves and bandage the samon thbreast.

(bTake AmmaPacharisi kalkamiGrinded from Euphorbia pilulifera10 gms. with miltwice a day 


(a) Juice of Asok bark (Saraca Indica) grounwith Curd; ¼ to 1 teaspoonful may be given two times a day.

(b) Juice oThennamboo (Coconut flower) may also bused.

(c)     Athipinj(Country fig-tenderjuice ½   to 1 oz. two times a day.

(d)      Naval pattai juice (Bark of thJambul) 50 ml; milk 50 m1mixed both antake it twice daily foaperiod oten days.

Nasal Bleeding

1Grind emblic myrobalans and fry in a little ghee and applthpaste on top othhead. It ihighlcooling and thereby stop nasal bleeding.

2.  Use fine powder omut galls as snuff oncotwice.

3. Use finelpowdered raw lac as snuff oncor twice. This is a good remedy.

Oral Poisoning.

Grin5 gms of Avuriverpattai (the root bark of Indico ferra) and gmsof Milagu (Pepperwith water quantitsufficient and administer it twice daily.

Otorrhoea - Pus in the Ear

1Put little gum guful ocinders and let the aromatic fumes enter the ear.

2. Mix a littlhoney with jasminleaf juice and use as eardrops -4 drops.

Paranochia (Nagasuthi)

1. Take yelloorpiment powder (manosilai) and mix with some lime juice and apply.

2. Dissolve some salt in wateand rub chebulimyrobalan in it on rougclean surface and apply.


Datura Poisoning. – Give liberal quantity of milk with sugar.

Camphor PoisoningGive decoction of coriander (Dhaniya) iliberal quantities with some sugar.

Excess intakof oils. - Give decoctioof gently frieajowan (omam)­--2 teaspoon.

Excess intake of lime. - Grind betalnut in wateand giveAlso administer liberal amount of ghee.

Marking Nut. - Decoction of Beleric Myrobalan (Tanrikkai) should be giveinternallythpaste of the samito be applieexternallyon the affected areaInternal Dose 30 ml.

Pain in the breast due to accumulation of milk

Mallikaipoo (Jasmine) or Veppilai (Neem) leaves mabbandaged on the breast.


(a) Take three numbers of Kadukkai (Terminalia chebula) ink nut and powder finely. Add threteaspoonful of castor oil and take it at bed time.

(bFlesh of Nathai (Snail) mabcooked and take it.

(cGreen leaves of Thuththi (Abutilon indicum country mallow) may be cooked and taken. Raw green leaves mabe grinded and applied externallfor piles.

(d) Milagu onpar(Pepper) Thippili parts (piper 10nglll11): Chukk(Dry gingerparts: Kattu karunai Kizhangu (wild Amorphophalus 1parts povvdered the above drugs nicely.

Dose: two teaspoonfuls twice daily with sugar.


(a) Takdried flowers of Avarai (cassia curi culatu)the tanner cassiaeI5 gms and prepared decoction withsufficient quantitof water.
Dose60 m1Two timeday.

(b) Juice extracted from Kodippagal kai (Bitter gourd) and to be taken in doses of 1/2 oztwice daily.

Premature ejaculations and nocturnal emissions.

1Take sandal wood paste along with thjuice of Asparagus roots (Thanneer Vittan(5 gramwith 50 ml.Juice).

2. Take equal amounoliquorice (athimathuram) and sandawood powder with some honey. Take at bed time (Eac3 grams with 2 teaspoon).

Pyrexia (Fever)

1.      Decoction of Mollugo herb (parpadakapul) 50 ml. relieves pyrexia.

2. Tinospora (Seenthilkodi) decoction with some black pepper powder will relieve chronifevers-50 mland 3 grams.

3. Sacred basil leaf (tulasi) juice and Leucu(tumbai) leajuice along witsome black pepper powder willcurperiodifevers-two teaspoon and 3 grams.

Rat bite Poison

Take equal quantitof Erukkanpal (Dry milkjuice ocalatropis Gigantidand milagu(Pepper) finelpowder.
Dose: 200 mg. with palm jaggery two times a day.
Note: Salt free diet is necessary.

Ringworm Infection(Padarthamarai )

Extract juice from the poods of Poovarasam (Thespesia piopulrea) and apply externally.

Scabies and itches

(a) Juice oKuppaimeni leave(AcalyphIndica) with common salt may be applied externally.

(bSoak onpart okarbogi Arisi (Psoralicorylifolia) in fouparts of coconut oil and apply thoil externally for skin infection.

(c) Grind Arugampul (Cynodon daetylon) with a piecoTurmeric and apply externallfor skin infection.

Stomach Ache

Take Athimathurpal (Extract oIndian liquorice) 1/4 to 1/2 oz. two timedabefore meals.

Tooth Ache

1.      Use lonpepper powder witsome glufor brushing cleaning the teeth.

2.      Grind Fenugreeseeds (vendayamwith egg albumin into a fine paste and applon thcheek (10 grams).

3.      Gargle with ginger juice mixewith honey.

4.      Gargle with decoction of drumstick root juice anMustard 100 ml       (10 grams Mustard).


(a) Soak Seeragam (Cumin Seed) in the ime juice and dry. Then powder the Seeragam nicely.
Dose: 500 mgtwo timeday with honey.

(bBurn vasambu (acorus calams) until it becomes coaand powder.
Dose: 200 mgwith honey.

(cTake equal quantitof juicof Mathulam Pazha(Pomegranatfniit) and cansugarBoil till it becomes asyrup. Administer onteaspoonful twice daily.

White Discharge

Five drops oChandaAthar (Sandalwood oil)to btaken with Peyavazhaippazham (Plantain) twicedaily.

Worm Infestation – Children

Administer 5 gms. of finely powdered oVaividangam (Embellia ribesat bed time with milk.