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About Varma Therapy


There are 108 Varmam or Varma points in our body. In which the active energy resides; this vital energy or life force is called ‘VASI’, which functions very effectively to keep us healthy. If these vital points are disturbed in its function due to external or internal factors either directly or indirectly diseases occur. Reasons like:

Stress ,anxiety, depression Physical Injury due to falling down / hitting / knock down and also the environmental factors.

The above factors disturb the smooth function and flow of vital energy is called ‘VARMA DISEASES’.


The disturbed and affected Varma points are triggered and cured by manipulating counter points. These counter points may be single point or sequence of points.

There are many techniques to manipulate these points is called “VARMA THERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUES”. This is not possible for any other medical systems in the world except the indigenous Varma Medical System of Cape of Cameron.

The fact remains that vital points can be used both to heal and hurt or injure people. Efficiently triggering these vital points can cure any Varma disease.

We conduct Varma classes based on these seven subjects - Sapthanga Varmam

1.Varma diseases and treatment

2.Varma Thokkanam yoga therapy

3.Varma Massage Therapy

4..Varma touch Therapy

5.Varma Orthopedics

6.Varma defence methods

7.Varma Vaasi Yoga Meditation