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                             Seven kinds of yoga to realize Godhood:



 Ath- Hard penance- Yoga of penance.....After having food and with a pure heart , steps followed in drawing the Almighty within.


 Sath- Sathya Yoga-.....Realizing the yoga that was established as self and offering the self to the power within, was obtained a yoga and rounding up that yoga to total fulfilment and living without losing existence is Sathya yoga. This is a system where supreme power gushes out


 Sith- Sithiyoga...A perfect system that cares life , recognizing the nature of time past, present and future....


 Puth- Puthi Yoga- As one possessing pure knowledge gained through exploring and studying the Aagamas found as Budha and realizing the complexities within , there functions an active performer. Fusion of emotion and reason is a precondition.


 Math- Manthra yoga- A system that calls for functioning through leading sensibilities caused by sound vibrations. Distracting dialogue will not help.


 Yeth- Yenthra yoga- Binding the untamed image into a form, depriving its power and realizing one's own  employing mantras to fulfill one's longings and cravings is a practical technique. ( Indeed a harsh technique)


 That -Thantra Yoga- Without mantra and thantra without disclosing the devices one knows , without either play or scorn, takings into oneself all the schemes, finding the triad and the divine wisdom in words, understanding the thesis Agathiam, firmly established in the sagathirathara ( sahasradhara?) holding high like Himalayas, reducing to miniscule, blowing like the wind and posing like a wave, showing up in illusive form, standing in the street in solemnity, unnoticed by humanity , unobserved by virginal spirits and ghosts, circling through the universe, sporting the crescent and sitting absorbed in Shiva , suppressing all the techniques learnt and without any learning , taking a bride at one's stride, removing vaada disease through strange herbs, recognizing the veda and removing the stern malady...is this supreme art, the art of existence crossing over death. There is no art approximating this art.



With no awareness of the physical state, the world and also the Truth,

Into the mind that was labouring without any breath of life,

Divine knowledge lying dormant, no means to seek True Meaning,

Taking one's own self for the Real Self, They prattle-

We reached samadhi, entered eternal sleep, realized Shiva and accept the order;

We teach and learn, have realized Atman, experienced the Cosmos,

Understood creation--- so they talk and talk and performing the routine

Eat, sleep and cleanse themselves; suffer excessive thirst;

They imagine they have conquered passion, prejudice and anger,

But get trapped within; Losing balance, extoll the form in flesh

They intern the True Substance

;Closing the gates of the body, concentrating on the head,

Expand within and draw in Shiva with the power of breath, unlock the door to heaven;

By giving up the world and by doing total tapas merge with the True Substance;

This they are not aware of .......These men ruin themselves;

O dear boy! dont get confused assuming the sensibilities

Of these people are great---